VIP Update #5: The Power of Honest
and Critical Feedback

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The biggest benefit you will get from having a mentor is his or hers critical and honest feedback. A mentor does not lie to protect your feelings nor your pride. He tells you what you need to hear to get closer to your goals. And that's what Craig and Matt do when you sit in one of their hot seats. They dissect your business, spot strenghts and weaknesses, and tell you what they should have focused on to grow the business if they were in your seat.

Sneak Peak: Financial Independence
Virtual Mastermind
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If you've followed along in this launch you'll know about our upcoming Virtual Mastermind that you will be able to join on Monday. You'll get all the details then, but we're so excited about it and many of our readers and Financial Independence Monthly members are as well, so we thought we'd give you a sneak peak of what it's all about.
We created the Financial Independence Virtual Mastermind after getting countless requests for personal mentoring. This is the closest you can come getting personal mentoring from Craig and Matt, because their time is limited and we wanted to give you the opportunity to get the benefits of personal mentoring and masterminding even if you can't afford to pay thousands of dollars for an hour of their time, or $25,000 per year to join a high level mastermind.

During this week we've talked about a couple of things. They all relate to how you can build a real business that will be there for you several years from now and still make you money. You will get all the details of Financial Independence Virtual Mastermind on Monday, July 16, but here's a sneak peak of what you will get out of it when you join us.
Personal Mentoring
Ever since Craig and Matt took over Early to Rise they've received countless of requests for personal mentoring. Up until this point you have had to pay thousands of dollars to attend their mastermind events, where they do one on one hot seats like in the video above. And the reason for why people love them because they get advice based on their situation, their business, their idea, their life circumstances. If you attended one of Craig and Matt's mastermind events you would come out of it with a clear 30 day plan of what you needed to do in your business starting now, and it would be adapted to your business and your capabilities. That's the power of personal mentoring.

The reason for why personal mentoring is out of reach for most people is because those who mentor others are often very successful, so their time is worth a lot more than most people can afford. An hour of one on one time can cost $1,000 or more. Matt has been paid $11,000 per hour of his time. But you won't have to pay him $11,000 on Monday when we open the doors to our Virtual Mastermind. Far from it.

The Financial Indenendence Virtual Mastermind is the result of our quest to make personal mentoring affordable for anyone who have made up their mind to succeed in building their business in the shortest amount of time possible.

Will there be hot seats like in the video above?


Stating your goal publicly and being held accountable makes wonders for how much you accomplish in a day. It happens more often than you think that someone pay you to give them advice, and then 30 days later when you bump into them it turns out they haven't done a single thing that you told them. They slipped because they were not held accountable.

Financial Independence Virtual Mastermind will help you reach your goals. But you should join only if you are willing to be held accountable for following through and actually taking action when you have a clear plan. You should not join if you do not follow up talk with action. That will not be a good use of neither your time nor Craig and Matt's time.

The one thing you will get from Craig and Matt is focus. Matt is all about finding and going after the low hanging fruit in any business, i.e. what's the single easiest thing you can do right now that will have the biggest impact on the bottom line?

You've probably heard of the 80/20 rule, and it applies here as well. The harsh reality is that most aspiring entrepreneurs spend most of their time working on the wrong things. They spend 80% of their time doing things that don't matter for the long term growth of their business and 20% of their time on the things that do matter, when it obviously should be the other way around. And it's all because of a lack of focus, and not knowing what they should* spend their time on.

They say no man is an island. But imagine for a second that your business is an island. It's hard to attract customers to your island because there are so many competing islands out there. Now picture agreeing to build a bridge between your island and a neighbouring island. Now all of a sudden it's easier for other customers to find your island, it's easier to get there, and also cheaper. You can often get access to more customers at a cheaper price, and without hurting the other islands business.

Now imagine building ten bridges to ten islands. Networking builds bridges, and that is why networking will be a big part of the Financial Independence Virtual Mastermind.

What's Next

On Monday we open the doors for new members for a limited time, but you'll get a reminder email about that so what we want you to think about now is this:

Ever since you started working towards building a business online, how much closer to your goal of financial independence are you now?

When building your business if you are doing the same things today as you did yesterday you will get the same results. And if you are doing nothing because you don't know what to do that will also give you predictable results; nothing. So if you are not where you want to be right now chances are it is because you are not doing the right things at the right time.

If you are ready to join our Virtual Mastermind, and to accept the responsibilities and accountability involved, you will know it in your stomach.