VIP Update #1: The Five Forgotten Factors of
Building a Real Business

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The 5 Benefits of Building a
Real Business Online

You Can Do It. In Fact Anyone Can Do It.
You can get started with building a real business online for a couple of bucks per month in web hosting. The real cost you pay when starting up any business, disregarding money, is your time. But that is also the advantage. Everyone has the same 24 hours per day; it's what you do with those hours that matters.


You Control Your Time
Having a real business will allow you to take control over your time and decide what to do and when to do it. This is both a blessing and a curse. It's a blessing if you know exactly what to do and when to do it. It's a curse if you without knowing it are working on things that does not matter at all for building your business. Having freedom of time also takes discipline. Discipline to get up in the morning and discipline to start working and discipline to avoid distraction. But I think everyone that has freedom of time is a two edged sword, but they would likely agree that it's all worth it.


You Can Live Wherever You Want
With an online business you are not stuck in an office every day, because the world is your office. More and more entrepreneurs and freelancers are joining this growing group of people every day that can work from wherever there is an internet connection, and even set up their business so they can work where no internet connection exists. You can work from home and spend more time with your kids, travel around the world, live a couple months in each place, go on short vacations, visit your relatives, and money would still be coming in through your real online business.

You Can Choose Who You Work With
When you own your source of income you don't have to take crap from anyone. The only boss you need to oblige is yourself, and that boss is probably tougher than any other. It's said we are an average of the five people we most frequently spend time with, and having freedom of association means you can choose which these five people are.


You Can Achieve Financial Independence
We would not have over five thousand members in Financial Independence Monthly if not the goal of financial independence was #1 in many people's minds. Financial independence is the ultimate end result if you succeed in building a real business, and frankly becoming an entrepreneur is the best way of reaching true financial independence.

The more pressing issue you solve, and the more people you help with your solution, the faster you will become wealthy.

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