The Missing Ingredient is Contained in This 'Black Book'

There's a secret to everything ... everything except what most people crave the most ... a little respect.

"The Missing Ingredient Contained in This 'Black Book' Allows You to Earn Back the Respect and Admiration of the Most Important People in Your Life ... Even When Everybody is Counting You Out"

(Send this to the important men in your life)

To the Man that's fed up with "average,"

One unusual idea, which most people know nothing about, is the secret behind the most effective, successful, and respected people on Earth.

You'll discover how this idea - which is vital to earning the respect and admiration of the people in your life - is just waiting there for you to use.

But first I must warn you ...

The Respect People Have for You is Serious Business - It Impacts Every Aspect of Your Health, Your Wealth and Your Happiness.

New research from the University of California suggests that respect and admiration leads to a longer life, more satisfaction, and more wealth...

...In fact, if you're not getting the respect you deserve - you're jeopardizing your health. (Even if you eat healthy and exercise.)

Most importantly, a University of London study uncovered that those people that were most respected in society lived, on average, NINE and a HALF YEARS LONGER than their less respected friends.

Lack of respect can rob you of nearly TEN years of life. Terrifying...isn't it?

In a moment, I'm going to share with you the "missing ingredient" from this very special Little Black Book that will let you take back that respect, but first I want to tell you a cautionary tale from my recent trip to Las Vegas...

What Happened in Vegas

As I was leaving my hotel early Sunday morning, I climbed in a cab and greeted my driver. His name was Scott.

And today was Scott's first day driving cabs in his life.

He was 61 years old.

And he looked rough. Dark circles under the eyes. His fingernails had slight tobacco stains, and his voice was listless and monotone. In short - this guy wasn't getting any respect.

My curiosity took over and I started talking to him.

"So where are you from and how did you end up in Las Vegas?" I asked.

"Ah wife and I moved out here about 8 months ago when I retired from my corporate job. She likes Las Vegas and property prices here are pretty cheap. Especially compared to where we were in California." He replied.

Before I could say anything more - he continued -

"My brother-in-law has seven gas stations in Nebraska and he makes a killing doing it. And just between you and me...that guy is an idiot.

So I got this idea in my head that I'd open up a gas station out here and work that for a few years. I managed to send my kids away to college and I wanted to give them more than I had.

I wanted to leave them something when I'm gone. My gas stations were going to be my legacy and my estate.

You know...people always need gas.

I figured it would be easy. Especially if my idiot brother-in-law could get rich doing it."

He paused a moment.

"So you just drive the taxi on the side? When you're not managing the gas station?" I asked.

"Uhhh I wish. the gas station idea didn't work out like I planned..." He replied.

"What happened?"

"Ugh." Scott paused a moment and his face contorted in pain and anger. "I spent almost 8 months trying to negotiate a lease with this sleazy landlord and I ran out of money.

So now, driving this cab is the only way I can put food on the table. And my wife is working part time in an elementary school cafeteria..."

We were about to arrive at the airport so I told Scott that I can help and gave him my email address. I told him to contact me and I'd help him.

But he didn't follow through. He never emailed me...

Why Did I Just Tell You That Story?

I know I can be frank and honest with you. I told you that story to scare you.

It's strange and terrifying how many people hit a certain point in their lives (usually their mid-30's) and start coasting.

And they coast.

And coast.

But some people break out. They start living, striving, and exploring again. They snatch back their zest for life. They bring excitement into every room.

They're admired and respected by everyone. People seek their advice and counsel. People imitate them. They're trend-setters.

Maybe you know someone like that. A person you meet and say "Wow this guy is impressive." That's a sure sign that he understands the "missing ingredient" I'm going to share with you today.

Those guys have the respect and admiration of the important people in their lives. How? They understand and apply the secret contained in this little black book.

But before I tell you more about this secret I want to do something a little unconventional...

I Want to Warn You AGAINST Trying Out My Little Black Book.


I'll be honest with you.

You see ... I don't need your money. I run a bunch of very successful businesses that bring me more than enough money to do the things I love doing, like traveling and spending time with my loved ones.

Now I'm not trying to brag or be arrogant. I just want to shoot straight with you.

That's one of the benefits of becoming financially independent ... I answer to no one. And I don't worry about offending people by telling the truth.

Why am I being so honest with you? My intention with this letter isn't to persuade people to buy from me. My intention is to actually persuade people NOT to buy from me.

Am I insane?

No. It's simple really. I'm not interested in buyers. I'm interested in action-takers. And the real reason I'm writing this letter is to separate the buyers from the action-takers.

That's what makes me so different from most people trying to sell you something.

I don't want to sell people useless information and empty self-help rubbish...

...So if you're looking for a way to "wish" yourself to wealth and power or "affirm" you way into 6-pack abs and big biceps then look elsewhere.

But if you're willing to take action, leave your comfort zone, and pay attention to my instructions - then I can change your life.

You see, for many years, the "missing ingredient" contained in this Black Book was known only to a select few tough, powerful and aggressive entrepreneurs.

In fact, look at some of the late-blooming entrepreneurs who achieved great success with the "missing ingredient" contained in this Black Book...

  • Colonel Harland Sanders started Kentucky Fried Chicken when he was 65 years old. He figured out the "missing ingredient" and made himself a fortune. (And he used his first social security check for seed capital)
  • Or Fanny M., she launched a cookie company when she was 55 years old. She'll pull in more than $500,000 in revenue this year...she understands the "missing ingredient."
  • Mark Pincus, founder of Zynga, discovered the "missing ingredient." He founded his billion-dollar company in his 40s. (His company created all the Facebook games your kids buy with your credit card)
  • Poppy B. discovered the "missing ingredient" and purchased the company she used to work at when she was 72 years old. Her lab is going strong and brings in more than $350,000 annually.

You need to understand something: you've been misled by the media. They make it seem like the only people who start companies are crazy kids in their college dorm rooms. The reality couldn't be any different.

The Kauffman Foundation just completed a study of entrepreneurial activity in America and they discovered that people over the age of 35 started 80% of the successful companies.

Mark Zuckerberg and the Google guys are the anomalies. Most successful business-founders and entrepreneurs don't live in dorm rooms. Most of them are fellas with salt and pepper hair, kids, and a mortgage.

The media just makes it seem like all entrepreneurs are swashbuckling youth because it makes a better story. And that's why your perspective is skewed.

Remember the late 90s when every 23-year-old with half of an idea got millions in venture capital money? What happened? Most of them lost all of that money by building companies that sold products that nobody wanted.

Contrast that with the story of Tim Zagat and his discovery of the "missing ingredient."

  • When Tim started his famous restaurant guide - he was 44 years old. And he didn't stop working as a corporate lawyer for 7 more years. But he understood the "missing ingredient" and he built a company that is still going strong more than 30 years later. It takes wisdom, experience, and time to build a great business.

What can you learn from Henry Ford?

  • He understood the "missing ingredient." His first business breakthrough didn't happen until he was 45 years old. That's when he invented the Model T. And he didn't change the industrial world with the assembly line until he was 60 years old. I don't even need to tell you that the "missing ingredient" gave him amazing fame and fortune.

The "missing ingredient" works even better for people that are older and have more experience in life.

And I want you to understand that the "missing ingredient" can change your life.

If you hate your job, despise your boss, and feel sick at the thought of one more conversation with your co-workers, then discovering this "missing ingredient" will change everything. It will put you on the path to escaping from cubicle hell and middle-manager purgatory.

For example:

Rick P., a 40-year-old former marine who, after losing his "secure" corporate job, discovered the "missing ingredient," moved into an international web-based business and never looked back.

The "Missing Ingredient" Will Also Change Your Personal Life.

If all your wife does is nag you or ignore you...the "missing ingredient" can turn your marriage around. How? Well the missing ingredient gives you the chance to take back all the respect and admiration you're owed. And the only reason why a wife nags or ignores her husband is if she doesn't respect him. Once she starts admiring you again, like she did when you first started dating, watch how she becomes sweet, tender, and pliable. And you'll be amazed how fast it happens when you take action on the "missing ingredient."

If you're a bachelor, the "missing ingredient" is the key to dating beautiful younger women. The missing ingredient gives you that aura of experience and mystery that young, inexperienced and beautiful women find irresistible. It's the difference between feeling like an old fool and an intriguing gentleman when you meet women in their 20s. That's the power of the "missing ingredient."

If your kids routinely ignore you, break the rules, and don't tell you what is happening in their lives. The "missing ingredient" can help. Once you act on it they'll start looking up to you again just like when they were little. Nothing beats seeing the admiration and respect in your children's eyes.

Okay I know what you're thinking. How can this one missing ingredient do all this? You're skeptical but let me explain.

Without giving away the secret, the missing ingredient is the path to regaining the respect and admiration of the most important people in your life. And lack of respect is the root cause of so many of your problems. Your wife and kids won't treat you well unless they respect you. Your boss will walk all over you unless he respects you. Potential business partners won't join up with you unless they respect you. And that gnawing pain that hits you every time someone disrespects you takes a big toll on your health. (That's why disrespected people live on average 10 years less than their respected friends)

That's why the missing ingredient is so powerful. It literally can solve almost every problem you're having.

Once you have the "missing ingredient" you can have just about anything you desire.

If you want to grab your wife and take her on a spontaneous vacation to a beautiful resort in can.

If you want to grab your girlfriend on a Friday afternoon and jet off to can. You'll grab baguettes and wander the city during a weekend of passion and adventure...

If you want to have time to work out, buy stylish clothes, travel in exotic places and become "the most interesting man in the world"... you can.

If you want to raise your kids to be resourceful, strong and independent... you can. If you want to give them much more than you ever had by sending them to the elite prep can. If you want to set them up with high-powered can. If you want your kid's friends to come to you and ask you for helping getting a cool job...the "missing ingredient" makes it possible.

If you want to drive the most expensive car on your can. Heck if you want to own the biggest house on your can.

Those are all the things that you can have once you understand the "missing ingredient." But there is one more benefit that I think you should know about...

What else besides money, love and power?

It's strange, when I first learned about the missing ingredient, I was excited about the fast cars, the international travel, the pretty women, and the freedom. I never would have expected this other benefit to be the best thing about the missing ingredient.

What was this most satisfying feeling?

The feeling you get when people seek out your advice and wisdom.

Instead of having to clamor to get your voice heard during a meeting, you'll be amazed when everyone wants your opinion before the group makes a decision.

Or when you're out with friends... looking for something to do on a Saturday night... and the group takes your suggestion without questioning it.

When your wife asks you what she should do...and then actually listens to your advice.

When your son comes to you with a question about girls or getting what he wants...and you give him good advice. And when he calls you a few days later and says "thanks Dad, you were right. I did what you told me and it worked." When you hear the excitement and independence in his will burst with pride.

And I have a confession to make to you...

That's the real reason I'm not interested in buyers. I don't care to see how many of my black book I can sell. That's not why I get up in the morning. I get up in the morning to read the success stories of my customers...

...that's why I only care about action-takers.

I'm Craig Ballantyne, Editor of Early to Rise. I've been building companies online for more than 11 years and I own a number of extremely successful businesses that give me the money and freedom to live the life I want to live.

I'll tell you more about myself in a moment but first let me share what I've done for others and what I can do for you...

  • People like Mike Whitfield, who just made $11,701 in his first "vacation" launch. You see, with my guidance and his hard work, Mike has made enough to money to give his wife the freedom to leave her job and become a full-time mother to their children. And his business gave the family enough money to take a luxurious vacation, where Mike sat on the beach and watched the money pour into his bank account. He's on his way to his first 6-Figure Year as an entrepreneur.
  • Or Rick Kasej, who I've helped build a $100,000+/year business by selling rehab programs to personal trainers. Rick has been helping athletes and regular people get healthy again after hurting themselves. Just a few days ago, Rick's hard work paid off and he DOUBLED his subscriber list from 10,000 to 20,000 in just 3 days. I taught Rick the "missing ingredient" and he added his own intelligence and hard he owns a 6-figure business he can operate from anywhere on Earth.

Here's more examples about the people I've helped launch successful online businesses. And I did it by showing them the "missing ingredient."

People like:

  • Josh C., a Star Trek geek I know, turned his hidden geekiness into a six-figure international business using the web.
  • Sally P., a divorced mom in her mid 50s. She quit her job ... but thanks to her international web-based business that generates six-figures, she's able to send her two daughters to college.
  • Robert P. is a golfer who "supplements" his income with a six-figure business that allows him to play up to 5 rounds per week ... during peak hours!

And many more have built great businesses and taken back the respect of their loved ones using my "missing ingredient."

But who am I and what's my story?

Craig Ballantyne

I'm an independent business man and internet entrepreneur with several companies, each generating seven digit annual incomes ...and a "power-user" of the missing ingredient.

I wake up every day as a totally independent and self-reliant man. I control every moment of my time. I work when I want, doing what I want. And, when I'm done working, I simply hang out the "gone fishin'" sign and take off to do whatever my heart desires.

If I want to spend the day visiting with family and friends, I do it ...

If I want to hop on a plane for an unplanned getaway vacation, I do that, too.

In fact, last year I "took off" on a trip around the world. I spent some time in Lithuania, then travelled to Salzburg, Austria for a few days of outdoor fun. From there, I moved on to Vienna, Austria, and finally a night in Copenhagen before traveling home.

And just last month, I spent a week touring the Porsche Factory in Germany. I even raced their latest experimental models.

I have all the money I want and the time to enjoy it. I make my own rules, set my own agenda and pretty much live life on my own terms ... every day.

That's a far cry from my old life, working from 6am to 8pm Monday through Saturday ...for about 10% of what I make today.

Some people think I'm just lucky. But that's really not true. Luck doesn't have much to do with it. Neither does hard work. Not really. I work hard, but really not much harder than millions of other people. Maybe even no harder than you work right now.

What separates me from so many people is actually something that everyone reading this message right now can access.

That's the "missing ingredient."

All of my success stems from my discovery of the "missing ingredient." It's so important that I've spent the last few years working on my little black book. It's packed with the secret and everything else you need to know to use it to find smashing success for yourself. And once you've done that - I promise that the no one will disrespect you again.

But here's the thing about the "missing ingredient," I wouldn't be surprised if you've thought about it before. In fact I'd be surprised if you didn't think about it before. But I also bet that you almost immediately dismissed the idea from your mind.


Because without guidance, the "missing ingredient" scares most people off. People will choose indignity, embarrassment, shame, and drudgery instead of trying to learn how to harness the "missing ingredient."

Those people are what I call "buyers." And if you've read this far...and endured my blunt honesty...I bet you're an action-taker.

That's why I'm making a bet on you. A bet that after you discover the "missing ingredient" you take action, achieve huge success, and then send me a great email that makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

I'm not joking.

You'll see in a few short months what happens after you put the "missing ingredient" into action. I haven't done something purely for profit in years. That's not enough to satisfy me anymore. Now I do things (like this black book) that are about my legacy and doing right by the world.

It's my version of "charity." And when I tell you how cheaply you'll be able to get my little black book you'll understand exactly what I mean.

I want to help you liked I helped my customer Gary out. He hadn't even started his online business when I described the "missing ingredient" to him. Here's what happened when he took action:

"I just wanted to let you know that my buddy and I followed your steps and created our own cookbook e-book and made $500 in four days. Thanks for all the help!" - Gary D.

I want big things for you. I want you to take back all the respect you deserve, make a ton of money, and live an awesome life. Instead of just "taking what you can get," I want to see you go out into the world and "get what you want."

I don't know you and I can only guess what your deepest dreams and desires are. I don't know exactly where you are in life and I don't know exactly how far you need to go to get the respect you deserve. But there is one thing I do know...

...I know you're stuck in a rut. I know you're not feeling as respected, admired and fulfilled as you should be. And I know that I can show you how to break out of the rut. You'll learn how to tear through the mental and physical walls that you're trapped behind.

I'll teach you how to escape the life you hate. And get the life you want the most...

Don't misunderstand me - I'm not promising you untold riches, power and respect by tomorrow morning. Despite what tons of sleazy internet marketers and self-help "gurus" tell you ... overnight success is baloney.

And I'll be "dangerously" honest with you again: taking the "missing ingredient" from my little black book requires effort. You have to go through something to get what you want. But I will show you the quickest and easiest path to getting there.

You're no slouch. But I know you're tired of "average." And I know you're tired of just having to accept everything as it comes to you. You want to grab your world by the horns and take it for a helluva ride. I'll point you in the right direction and give you rocket-fuel. That's my promise.

Take a look at the amazing success that the "missing ingredient" brought to other people just like you:

  • BK forced himself to become a power user of Excel spreadsheets when his company's expensive software application couldn't produce the financial reports his boss demanded. Now BE earns a six-figure income selling how-to-use Excel instructions to thousands of customers online. And he doesn't have a boss anymore.
  • JV was homeless until he began writing and selling how-to, self-help, and spiritual advice distributed to thousands of fans via e-mail. He now lives in a luxurious estate and owns a one-of-a-kind fleet of rare and luxury cars.
  • MF is a master of the martial arts. But he didn't master the art of making money and become a millionaire until he learned about the "missing ingredient" and began selling self-defense and physical fitness instructions over the Internet, often earning as much as $10,000 a day for just a few minutes work.
  • MM has been involved in the launch and operation of at least 10 businesses generating $10 million in revenues. His latest is a newsletter on wealth and lifestyle with a paid circulation of 36,000 subscribers. He lives in a fabulous home on the ocean in Florida.
  • AS has dedicated his life to helping people achieve greater health, wellness, and longevity. He now earns thousands of dollars a week selling his own line of nutritional supplements online - products he has formulated and not just reselling other people's dietary supplements on a web site.

The "missing ingredient" that I'm going to reveal to you is powerful...

There is a "Catch" Though (a Non-Monetary Price You'll Have to Pay if you Want my Little Black Book)

After you read my little black book, discover the "missing ingredient" and use it to build the life of your need to do something for me and for yourself.

You must promise to give back. You must promise to help others who aren't as far along as you.

I expect you to do things that are designed to help other people get what they want. I won't be able to keep track always but I expect you to make a gentleman's agreement. And I'm very serious about this.

Got it? Good.

Now I want to take a few moments to talk to you about the first people I revealed the "missing ingredient" to.

  • Before Joel Marion met me, he didn't have an online business. I showed him how to get started and I revealed the "missing ingredient" to him. If you don't know Joel - he's a legendary action-taker and he took my advice and sprinted with it. He took the "missing ingredient" and used it to sell $300,000 worth of his ebook in just 4 days. Now he's known online as the king of the product launch. He broke the Clickbank record with a launch that earned him more than $1 million in a day. He's the Babe Ruth of product launches. That's the power of the "missing ingredient." (Don't get me wrong, Joel worked his butt off, was hungry and was smart - but so are I expect great things from you) Now he regularly generates $100,000+ in his 3-day launches. In essence, he "prints" money on demand.
  • When I first met Isabel De Los Rios, she also didn't have any online business experience. I remember the look on her face when I revealed the "missing ingredient" to her. Surprised. Astounded. And excited. She is another awesome action-taker and she created her first product soon after. It sold 250,000 copies. At $47 a pop. Do the math. That's the power of the "missing ingredient."

My "little black book" is the culmination of 11 years of business building success online. Until now, I only discussed the secret of the "missing ingredient" with my closest friends in the business world. But I'm fed up with all the stupid gurus who run around talking about how they have this many "huge launches" and that "clickbank bonanazas." They're like small children who try to tell adults how to think. Amusing but very annoying.

So this black book is my way to give back and it's my way to set the record straight. I'll share with you the hard-hitting, brutally honest and powerful path to building a successful online business. And that's what the "missing ingredient" is all about.

"If the Little Black Book distills all your entrepreneurial must charge an arm and a leg for it..."

If I created this little black book and wanted to share the "missing ingredient" with you just to make a profit...then I would have to charge a fortune for it.

To date, I've invested over $250,000 in education, coaching, seminars, and networking to develop this missing ingredient ... and you will directly benefit from that ... without the almost $20,000 per year price tag that my mastermind clients pay.

Based on the amount of time I've spent polishing, perfecting, and discovering all the facets of the "missing ingredient," my little black book is worth $795 minimum. But I'm not in it for the money. I want action-takers to learn the "missing ingredient" and take back all the respect and admiration they desire. And get rich too. So you're not going to pay anywhere near $795. I promise.

You should also consider what it normally takes to get me to do a phone consultation. Normally I charge $3,000/hour to get on the phone with struggling entrepreneurs to work through their business problems. And my price doubles or triples for in-person consultations. The thing is - most of my consulting advice consists of sharing the "missing ingredient" with my clients. Most business problems stem from it. And most business (and personal) problems stem from a lack of respect. That's what the "missing ingredient" solves.

And you'll discover what others have paid $3,000/hour for at a far cheaper price. (almost embarrassingly cheap)

Ask the people I have already shared the "missing ingredient" with and they'll tell you it's worth more than $50,000 at the minimum to them. Take, for example, my client Shaun Hadsall. I showed him the "missing ingredient and here's what he thought about it:

"After three years of struggling and trying to make money on the Internet using other coaches and systems, I finally met Craig.

In less than 8 months my company went from making under a $100 per day to averaging almost $1,000 per day following Craig's advice.

This screen shot from just ONE of my clickbank accounts proves it.

If you want to make real money on-line there are specific steps you need to take and certain actions that need to be used on daily basis. There are also a lot of things you need to learn how to avoid. If you don't know what these are, you'll never make it. This is exactly what Craig provided me with.

I finally learned exactly what numbers I needed to be focused on to grow my business faster. I discovered where the lowest hanging fruit was to increase my daily profits. And he gave me the action steps to make it all happen.

Most importantly, I discovered how to build business relationships that have changed my life in ways I never could imagine.

Craig gave me clarity about how a real Internet business works from A to Z along with an exact plan to follow.

If you want to achieve success in any area of your life, coaching will get you there at least twice as fast. But you have to use a coach that has a proven track record. Almost every person I know who's successful in the Internet space has got coaching and guidance from Craig at one time or another.

So if you're wondering how to get started on the Internet or you're struggling trying to make it like I was, working with Craig is your ticket."

- Shaun Hadsall

The "missing ingredient" took Shaun from having an $8k/year "hobby" to a $108k/year business.

The "missing ingredient" increased his profits by 1,250%

Or take Shawna Kaminski, another client that I've revealed the "missing ingredient" to:

"I started with no info product, no sales page, no experience and only basic computer skills and now I earn a very comfortable living. I recently celebrated my first $10K month followed by an $11K month. I work from my home as well as I travel a great deal and can easily manage my online business with my laptop and an internet connection. I'm thankful for all the lessons that Craig has taught me and highly recommend him as a coach. Thanks Craig for your direction and expertise in guiding me."

- Shawna Kaminski

That's the power of the "missing ingredient," combined with Shawna's hard work --- it's making her more than $10,000 per month. And she can run her business from anywhere on Earth.

It's amazing what the "missing ingredient" can do - it's like wisdom, guidance, and pinpoint directions rolled into one secret. If you're not sure where you're going right now, the missing ingredient will point you down the path to profits, success, respect, and admiration.

You have no valid reason to not take a look at my little black book. Wouldn't it be spectacular to live a life where everyone around you universally respects and admires you? Imagine what your life would be like if your opinion had the weight of a ton of bricks. And a simple request from you would cause your loved ones to drop everything and move mountains for you.

I know what you're thinking...

"This 'missing ingredient' sounds amazing ... but I'm not sure if I can do it."

Lose that attitude ASAP. Seriously, this mindset is why most people never escape from their rut and realize their dreams. Learning and applying the "missing ingredient" is as simple as deciding to do it. After you make that decision, I'll show you what you must do next.

"I really don't know you...I mean who is Craig Ballantyne really?"

Please take a look at my work for Early to Rise or check with any of the people I've revealed the "missing ingredient" to. They'll vouch for me and tell you...without hesitation...that I'm the real deal. Besides - something different might be just the ticket for you. If you don't know me, why not give me a chance, there is no risk for you and I'm just what you need to get that respect you desire. If you keep doing the same stuff you'll keep getting the same results.

"Right now just isn't the right time for me to do this ... I have to [insert lame excuse here]"

Well, if you mean this seriously, I probably can't help you. This is a foolish thought. There is no "right time" for anything. There is only right now or never. If you're serious about changing your life and taking back the respect you deserve, even big problems right now won't be problems for much longer. Don't waste another week, month or year of your life.

"I want to wait until the recession is over and the economy is better before I do anything like this..."

First, the "missing ingredient" doesn't require much money at all. In fact, you could start your business on a shoestring of less than $100. So you're not risking much money at all.

Second, tough times are no excuse not to start a meaningful business. According to the magazine the Economist:

"TOUGH times in the economy have often been the best times to start a new business. Great companies born in a recession include General Electric, Walt Disney, Burger King and Microsoft."

So don't use the overall economy as an excuse. It's not. And besides, the "missing ingredient" will allow you to create your own economy that's completely independent of what's going on in the world. In fact, I personally have made more money in the 4 years since the economic meltdown than I made in the 4 years before it.

This is it. I've prepared this little black book for you that describes in great detail the "missing ingredient" that will lead you to the respect, admiration, and riches you desire.

And I want you to give it a try.

The "missing ingredient" has already made millions of dollars for people like Joel Marion, Isabel De Los Rios, Shaun Hadsall, Shawna Kaminski, Mike Whitfield, Rick Kasej, and many more. (I want to add your name to that list of 6-figure business owners that understand the "missing ingredient")

And I've helped others...

I want to share with you 3 letters from ecstatic clients who I revealed the "missing ingredient" to...

Take a look:

Hi Craig

Back when I first starting working with you in May 2008, I set a goal of making $200,000 over the course of 2 years. It seemed very lofty at the time and I knew it would take a ridiculous amount of work. There were times that I didn't think it would be possible - especially in the early days when sales and opportunities were few and far between.

I wanted to let you know that I not only met my goal, but exceeded it by 25% and the sales and opportunities are now plentiful.

The foundation we put down two years again really set the stage for all my future success, and for that I am eternally grateful.

So thank you for everything you have done and continue to do to inspire and empower people like me to do what they love and make a great living doing it." ~ Kim McCullough, MSc, YCS


"Thanks to Craig's help and incredible knowledge of internet marketing I was able to nearly triple the numbers from my previous three day promo sale when I ran one recently. In 72 hours I brought in over $60,000! Without Craig's guidance I would still be dealing with incredible amounts of frustration and toiling in mediocrity when it comes to online sales. Now I just sit back and smile and I have Craig to thank for that." ~ Jason Ferruggia

Here's my favorite happy customer letter...

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